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Seven (7) Workout and Fitness App by Perigee Review
Seven (7) Workout and Fitness App by Perigee; One of the top workout and fitness apps on App Store and Google Play. Ideal for those with a busy schedule.

Course Length: 7 Min / Day
Resources: 100’s of mini-workouts

Author: Perigee

One of the top fitness applications available on the market! What makes Seven so special is the versitility of this little and yet powerful application. 

Seven features a simple interface that allows you to either follow a plan or mix and match various workouts. The application focuses on short, 7 min HIIT exercises and work perfectly for anyone with a a busy schedule. Exercises do not require equipment and are great for in-home exercise routine.  

Seven by Perigee


Seek advice from your primary physician prior to following any kind of physical exercise routin. 
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