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Brain Breaks For Online Learning

7 Brain Break Ideas for Online Learning (Adults)

Brain breaks for online learning

Is remote learning our new norm?

Even before the pandemic, remote learning was on the rise; however, it was never viewed as a substitute for traditional education. The situation, however, is slowly changing.

There are, of course, many benefits to studying at home. Some of those benefits being travel opportunities, lower overall cost and better time management. Then again, the fridge is a few steps away!

With new benefits, however, come challenges. Many at-home professionals have reported that working from home erased the boundary that separated the two altogether. A similar phenomenon is observed among the university and high school students who have been forced to take classes at home in the past year. The lack of boundaries forces many individuals to disregard the much needed mental breaks and integrate them into their study routine.

Here are some recommended activities that can help promote better brain activity, distress and improve concentration.

1. Stand up and walk around

Walking around may seem like too simple of activity, but prolonged sitting may cause various health problems. Walking around helps to improve circulation in the body and get the much-needed blood to your brain.
Just try to avoid the fridge!

2.Wash your face with cold water

Cold water may not be the most pleasant break option out there, but it is certainly useful when it comes to waking someone up. It can also be refreshing, not to mention hygienic.

brain breaks for online learning - wash face

3. Sketch something

Have you ever found yourself talking to someone on the phone or over zoom and sketching something on a scrap of paper? Well, drawing engages a different part of your brain in contrast to learning; it can also help you take a quick break and express your creativity.
If you are not an artist, don’t worry, stickman is not a bad option either!

4. Dance

Yes! I said it! Dance!
Dancing, like any other physical activity, helps to circulate your blood; meanwhile, you can listen to music and train those hips.

brain breaks for online learning - dance

5. Play an instrument if you can

During intense study sessions, I always found myself reaching out to a guitar when I needed to distress and take a break. Ever heard the expression, “Music heals…”. Music engages a different part of your brain; playing an instrument is still considered physical activity to some degree, thus will get the blood flowing. If you don’t have an instrument lying around, you can always jam out using pens and any surface you can find.

brain breaks for online learning - play an instrument

6. Exercise

Exercising has many benefits; some include prevention of injuries, back pain and keeping one in shape. However, when it comes to remote learning, exercise can be that one activity that will give your brain the much-needed boost.

7. Grab a bite!

Ok, grabbing a bite once in a while does not mean raiding your fridge every five minutes. Taking a walk to the kitchen, fixing yourself a sandwich can be a great way to take a break, and food replenishes energy, so it will keep you going for a few more hours.

brain breaks for online learning - grab a bite

No matter what you choose to do, always remember to take a break when studying remotely, online learning is no different from in-class learning and the brain needs to take a break to make your study session effective.

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